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||| St. Lawrence Gateways Project |||
Smithsonian - National Museum of Natural History


The Gateways Project has benefited from assistance from many organizations and individuals. We acknowledge first and foremost the generous financial support provided by General and Mrs. Raymond E. Mason, Jr., Anina Glaize, and Patsy Kayes, agent for the Lower North Shore Community Aid Society, as well as the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. 

We thank the Québec Ministry of Culture and Communication, especially Gilles Samson, Claudine Giroux, Anne-Marie Balac for their assistance in the permitting and reporting process; and Parks Canada Havre St. Pierre and Québec staff Stephane Marchand, Roberge Benoit, and Pierre Drouin, and especially our guide, Warden Charles Kavanagh of Havre St. Pierre, for generous assistance in the field in 2001. René Levesque and Selma Barkham provided information and stimulation that helped get the project started. 

We are grateful to our friends in the Lower North Shore villages, especially in Chevery and Harrington Harbour, for support and assistance, particularly Harrington Harbour Mayor Paul Rowsell, Keith Rowsell, Christine Vatcher and Wilson Evans, Amy Evans, Georgianna Maurice, Helen Morency, Larry Ransom, and others; Clifford and Florence Hart of Brador; Gina Noordhof and Boyce Roberts of L'Anse aux Meadows and Quirpon; and of course the entire Colbourne clan of Lushes Bight. All our crew members, noted herein, deserve thanks for their many contributions and sufferings, as well as Perry Colbourne for his expert nautical stewardship and tolerance of our scientific peculiarities. I am also grateful for the efforts provided by Will Richard, Ron Levere and Elaine Reiter for putting this site up.

Bill Fitzhugh