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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
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About the Museum

Mall entrance to the National Museum of Natural History

Executive Team

Dr. Kirk Johnson's Portrait Dr. Kirk Johnson
Sant Director

Dr. Sandra Lovinguth
Associate Director for Development

Mike McCarthy
Associate Director for Operations

Dr. Maureen Kearney
Associate Director for Science

Kara Blond
Assistant Director for Exhibitions

Carol Butler
Assistant Director for Collections

Sarah Goforth
Assistant Director for Communications

Shari Rosenstein Werb
Assistant Director for Education and Outreach

Dr. Wendy Wiswall
Assistant Director for Science Program Administration

Jim Wood
Executive Staff Officer

Department Chairs and Directors

Dr. Torrey Rick
Department Chair, Anthropology

Laurence J. Dorr
Department Chair, Botany

Dr. Seán G. Brady
Department Chair, Entomology

Chun-Hsi Wong
Assistant Director for Facilities Operations

Michelle Mayo
Director of Human Resources

Matt McDermott
Assistant Director for Information Technology

Dr. Jon Norenburg
Department Chair, Invertebrate Zoology

Lee Weigt
Director, Laboratories of Analytical Biology (LAB)

Dr. Jeffrey Post
Department Chair, Mineral Sciences

Dr. Hans-Dieter Sues
Department Chair, Paleobiology

Randall Kremer
Director of Public Affairs

Dr. Valerie Paul
Director, Smithsonian Marine Station

Tina Karl
Director of Special Events

Dr. Gary Graves
Department Chair, Vertebrate Zoology

SI Office of Protection Services
for NMNH

William Branch
Security Manager

SI Office of Facilities Management & Reliability for NMNH

Steve Nelson
Natural History Building Manager

Daren Kennedy
North Mall Zone Manager

Advisory Board

Chair of the Board

Ms. Kathryn S. Fuller
Washington, DC

Vice-Chair of the Board

Ms. Paula Kerger
Washington, DC

Board Members

The Honorable
Bruce Babbitt
Washington, DC

Dr. Jane Buikstra
Tempe, AZ

Dr. Scott Edwards
Concord, MA

Mr. John Fahey
Washington, DC

Ms. Gabriela Febres-Cordero
New York, NY

Dr. Jonathan Fink
Portland, OR

Mr. David Koch
New York, NY

Dr. Jane Lubchenco
Washington, DC

Mr. Greg Lucier
Encinitas, CA

Ambassador William Luers
New York, NY

Mr. Whitney Macmillan
Vero Beach, FL

Ambassador Robert Mandell
Winter Park, FL

Dr. Marcia McNutt
Arlington, VA

Mr. Timothy Phillips
Boston, MA

Mr. David Rubenstein
Bethesda, MD

Dr. Jeremy Sabloff
Santa Fe, NM

Mr. John Sall
Cary, NC

Mr. Roger W. Sant
Washington, DC

Ms. Sophia Shaw
Chicago, IL

Dr. Jorge Soberón
Lawrence, KS

Mr. Marshall Turner
Belvedere, CA

Dr. Coralyn Wright Whitney
Kirkland, WA

Ex-Officio Members

Dr. David Skorton
Washington, DC

Dr. Kirk Johnson, Washington, DC

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